I love to share this  adventure with you, if you want to email me with any questions, suggestions or you are interested in ordering our products Chokolat & Pimienta (pastries), you can do the following email: 

Mail address:

Vanessa Hernández
Apartado postal #11
CAP: Tabasco 2000
Villahermosa. Tabasco. Mexico
C.P: 86031


Can I post your images and recipes on my site?
I work really hard to provide our readers with unique and thoughtful content.
All of my content and images are copyrighted, which means you need my permission to use them. However, if you are super excited about a recipe and want to share it with you readers, I really appreciate that! So please use only one image from my post and link back to, or to the post directly where your readers can find the recipe. Thank you!

If you want to use my image for some other purpose like commercial, advertising etc, use the contact page and shoot me an email.

What equipment do you use to take all your photos?
I use a Canon Revel T2i for the photos and all of my videos.

What program do you use to edit and put text on your images?
I use the Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator.

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