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This Friday I want to share with you my take on the Tiramisu recipe. You’ll see is not the usual Tiramisu yet it’s creamy enough and a true delight to the palate and I’m sure you’re not going to miss the changes I made. Now this is a foolproof Tiramisu recipe so there’s no excuse to not give Us a sweet treat with this Italian dessert that is one of the most preferred around the world. Really scrumptious, you guys! 

Is also one of the most requested recipes that I’ve been meaning to share for a long time, but having the delicious savoiardi biscuits or ladyfingers around the house… in the afternoon with freshly brewed coffee… well, you know THE perfect setting! and so it begins the battle… first with some missing ladyfingers, then with not being enough of them… and after a couple of days or so they’re completely gone so that’s the main reason in neglecting my duties as your Pastry Cook of choice, finally I managed to resist that sweet temptation and now you have this exquisite Modern dessert of Italian origin.


As you know the customary way of preparing Tiramisu involves whisking raw egg yolks with sugar, I don’t usually use raw eggs in my desserts unless is going to the oven or so, I choose not to in order to avoid the diseases that raw egg can bring BUT rest assured as I accomplished the creamy perfection combining mascarpone and cream cheese. So this Tiramisu is a deathly weapon because it has a subtle sweetness and a silky body that one cannot resist!


Vanessa Hernández
Published 09/11/2015
With the aromatic roasted coffee flavor and a wink of Marsala in complete harmony with its silky texture this popular cold dessert from Modern Italian Cuisine can’t be top! 


  • 570 grs (20 oz.) of cream cheese
  • 200 grs (7 oz.) of mascarpone cheese
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of whipping cream
  • 1 tbsp. of vanilla extract
  • 1 ½ cup of coffee or espresso, freshly brewed
  • 1 tbsp. of Marsala wine or amaretto or coffee liqueur
  • Savoiardi or ladyfingers or sponge cake, as necessary
  • Cocoa powder and melted chocolate
  • Instructions

    • To start this Tiramisu recipe, cream the cheeses with an electric mixer, then add the sugar in two additions, once is thoroughly mixed add the whipping cream, lastly add the vanilla extract. Set aside.
    • In a small bowl pour the freshly brewed coffee or espresso coffee, add the liqueur of your choice, in my case I used Marsala which is the typically expected in Tiramisu. Reserve.
    • To assemble Tiramisu, line the bottom of a 6inch (16cm) pan with parchment paper and line the inner walls with acetate sheets, if you have a springform pan you can skip the acetate sheets.
    • Then pour a layer of cream, dip each savoiardi into the coffee and marsala mixture, not soak too long or it will fall apart! And place them on top of your cream. Pour another layer of cream and arrange another layer of savoiardi biscuits on top until the pan is full. I added between each savoiardi layer cocoa powder and melted chocolate to enhance the flavors! ;D
    • Refrigerate until firm for 12 hours or preferably overnight.
    • To make individual servings of Tiramisu, pour in a wide-mouth jar a layer of cream, add some coffee and marsala soaked savoiardi or vanilla sponge cake, you can break them in order to fit the jar, arrange another layer of cream and so on, garnish with cocoa powder and melted chocolate on top.

    Yield: A 6 inch (16cm) Tiramisu and 2 individual servings.
    Prep Time: 12 hrs. 00 mins.
    Cook time: 00 hrs. 00 mins.
    Total time: 12 hrs. 0 mins.
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    See? That Tiramisu recipe was THAT easy-to-do! I promise this Tiramisu is not only foolproof to make but delightful… and kind of addictive. Hope you make it at home. If you’re happy with the results don’t forget to tag me on Instagram with #Chokolatpimienta or addressed me as @ChokolatPimienta too, you have no idea how happy that makes me, to be a witness of your accomplishments in the kitchen, my dear Chokolover.

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