Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chokolat Pimienta Tabasco Chocolate Festival

We celebrated Tabasco’s chocolate festival here last week, and I was super happy to participate, participants came from all over Mexico and Venezuela to share their knowledge of chocolate, between lectures, workshops, tastings the week flew by, what a sweet world is the one of chocolate.

I was there helping the chef Paulina Abascal on her lecture, I also was sharing time with the dear super chefs Sumito Estebez, Omar Pereney, Israel Montero, Hector Galban (a poet of Chocolate), Aquilez Chavez, among others, It was a great experience, and even If I came home dead every day, I wouldn’t Have traded it for nothing, I was able to present Chokolat Pimienta Officially, we had a stand to let people know our brand and what I do on the blog, I loved seeing you there and taking pictures, You have no Idea how nervous I got every time I was asked for a photo or an autograph, that was crazy haha.

Chokolat Pimienta festival del Chocolate tabasco

From top to bottom, and from left to right: Me, Mexican Super pastry chef Paulina Abascal, the great Venezuelan chef Sumito Estevez, the winners of the prices on my workshop, la Casa Tropical chocolatier Hector Galvan, the super cute Venezuelan chef Omar Pereney,  Mexican Chef Abigail Mendoza, the Mexican chef and quite a character Aquilez Chavez, Miss Venezuela Irene Esser representing Chocolates Paria.

Everyone I knew at the festival inspired me to keep cooking, from the professional chefs to the most humble cooks, the chocolate masters and cooking students, they all added a grain of sand to show me that food unites and that’s why I love it, because you can create your own story with it, you don’t need form anyone telling you about it, everyone interprets the dish on their own way, the chocolate eases the sorrows and fills the soul with joy, and all that chocolate together was great, even more with a little pepper, to add that spark and keep fighting for this dream.

Chokolat Pimienta Festival del Chocolate Tabasco
Omar Pereney, Israel Montero and Vanessa Hernández
On the picture above Israel Montero’s lecture was about to begin, chef from the restaurant Kaah Siis in Mexico City, Israel is Venezuelan and he is the most charming person, let’s see when I’ll be able to go to his restaurant and give it a look, Omar Pereney and me were bugging Israel while he was preparing everything.

I have to give my thanks to Chocolates Paria for giving me a beautiful 70% chocolate that I used for my profiteroles workshop, I would also like to thank Hacienda la Luz from Comalcalco for giving me the cocoa and some chocolates to give at the workshop, obviously, thanks a lot to my dear Friends of Le Creuset México That support me on everything and sent me a bunch of gifts for the attendants of the workshop, I would also like to thank my friend Ileana for being my assistant that day, for those of you that could not make it, don’t worry, I’ll make the video recipe soon.

The Guest country was my dear Venezuela, and the Venezuelan community here in Villahermosa dressed up for party, we had live music, traditional dances, and the best of all, traditional food, I think I gained a few pounds eating arepas, tequenos and hallacas, UVETAB, the Venezuelan association in tabasco was in charge of everything and they really pulled it off.

Let’s see who do you find in this video not paying attention to the camera hahaha, I didn’t realize they were filming.

This was a great week, I’m going to take a few days off to rest and next week we are back with more recipes, Kisses and that’s for your support.

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