Thursday, September 25, 2014

8 Ingredients that can't miss at my kitchen

I still love to use spices and try new products, and I have key ingredients. there are 8 ingredients they I always have on my kitchen, and today I want to speak about them, to me these items are must-have they are good for a million things and they are my favourites when it is time to cook.

The first one is Vanilla, be it on a pod or as an essence, I declare myself addicted to its aroma, it is my favourite, all my desserts must have it, really, it is undeniable. To maximise this precious ingredient, that to me is like gold, as soon as I finish using the pods, I make essence out of them or put them on sugar, it is wonderful what you can achieve with just that.

Pepper is my second basic, black pepper grain, ready to grind when needed, it's something that can't be missed on my salty dishes, even if they have chilies or curry, they will always have pepper, it is something wonderful that I sometimes use even on my desserts, it gives my dishes something out of this world.

coconut oil, I found about it not so long ago, and it became part of my basics immediately, I love the flavour it adds to my sweet and salty dishes, it is even great on the hair, it hidrates and leaves it super shiny, just add some coconut oil on your hair conditioner and it will be gorgeous.

Bitter chocolate, I love, LOVE bitter chocolate, used on a cake, budding, or a simple ganache, It must be on my pantry, it is my craving killer, when I want something sweet, I have a piece of bitter chocolate at 70% and I'm happy.

Olive Oil, I love it, be it for saute or for salads, it is my favourite since forever, I think I only use soy or corn oil when I'm making a cake or fry something, which is very rare, besides that, I use only olive oil, and I recently discovered  that you can make cookies with it, I'm even more in love with it after that.

Tomato sauce, but not just any sauce, passata di tomate, it is a very sauce, and it concentrates all the flavour of the tomato, I love to use it to make pasta sauces, ragus or add a great touch to any dish that requires tomato.

And for the Last but not least you have fish sauce, I love it, It is a seasoning made from fermented fish, it is very used in Asia and it ads a salty and deep touch to the meals, it smells awful, but the taste it adds to the food is delicious, I use it on soups or when making Chinese food, or when I need to ad an asian touch to my dishes, It goes great with oyster and soy sauce.

So, do you have your own basics? don't tell me they are salt and pepper (hehe), we all have ingredients that we love and use very often, I hope to know yours.

This post was made for sharing, I'm not doing advertising any brand of any kind, even if I use some of the ones shown often, if you know other brands of that you would like me to try or recomend, I hope you share it with me.

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